Have you got a story about being there for someone? Turn it into a song, and you could be on your way to Sydney to have it professionally recorded in front of a live audience.

The competition will be judged by a panel of expert musicians and songwriters, who will choose regional finalists from VIC/TAS, NSW, QLD, SA/WA and New Zealand. Each finalist’s songs will be performed at a venue TBC at the end of November.

You don’t need to be a great singer or songwriting genius—anyone can enter, any way you want. Just put your story into song, record it however you’d like—even on your phone—and upload it below!

Entries close 17th October 2018.

Enter your song here

Why are Woolworths holding a songwriting competition?

We have partnered with Listen Up Music to inspire and engage the Woolworths Group team (200,000 people across all business units in Australia). The competition is another way that Woolworths are creating awareness and demonstrating that we care deeply that our team members feel that they can access support in times when they don’t feel OK.

Does my entry have to relate to the theme of ‘being there for someone’?

Yes. The festival is focused on creating positive messages supporting mental health.

Does the quality of recording of my entry matter?

Not really. As the entries are judged on the songwriting, not the performance or audio quality, you will not be marked down for not having studio quality recording(s). That being said if an instrument is badly out of tune, or the lyrics are impossible to hear, for example, then it will make the judging process more difficult.

Will my song be judged in a particular category?

Yes. Your song will be judged against all other entries from your region. The regions are Victoria/Tasmania, New South Wales/ACT, Queensland, Western Australia/South Australia/Northern Territory and New Zealand.

Do I have to perform my own song, either on the recording or at the live event?

No. The festival is focused on the songwriting, and quality thereof, so it is at your discretion as to who you would like to perform your song.

Where will my song be performed and recorded if I become a finalist?

Your song will be performed at a venue TBC, in Sydney, at the end of November.

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